Wireless Terminal Options

Accepting credit cards at your event is a great way to increase donations/sales, while also taking advantage of the lowest processing rates.  Dharma offers many different wireless processing solutions for your event.  Please click the underlined links to learn more about each feature/product. To learn more about terminals in general, please read more in our FAQ by clicking here

 Swiping Device udynamouDynamo Swiper PaysaberJack-halfPaySaber Jack VX520wirelessVerifone Vx520 FirstData
Type of Processing iPhone/iPad Android/Apple Terminal Terminal
Purchase Price $129 $99 $699 $749
Monthly Fees $10 with
MX gateway!
$20 with
$20 $20
Transaction Fee $0.05 $0.05 $0.05 $0.05
Connects over Wifi
Connects to an Internet (IP) line
Connects to Cellular Networks
Connects to a dial-up phone-line
"Store and Forward" Mode
Integrated Receipt Printer
Wireless: Uses Batteries
Additional Features
Sturdy Frame, multi-track swiper Works with most Android devices Operates over dial, IP, and Cell networks Easy, color touch screen

The costs above do not include shipping and handling fees. Dharma is happy to reprogram your existing wireless terminal for a fee of $100/terminal. Standard, non-wireless terminals can be reprogrammed for $25/terminal.


Our online pre-application is simple, and only takes about 5-10 minutes. Get started with Dharma today!

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