eCommerce Rates and Fees

This program offers the ability to accept credit card payments through your website, and also gives you the ability to manually enter phone orders through a virtual terminal. Our interchange-plus pricing is the fairest pricing model in the industry, and always ensures you receive the lowest rate for whatever card type your customer uses:

Interchange-Plus Pricing

0.35% + $0.15/transaction

above interchange

  • $15 Dharma monthly fee, includes PCI
  • $20 monthly fee (if needed)
  • No Annual fees or Monthly Minimum
  • No Early Termination or Application Fees


Get low, fair rates, every time

Because Dharma always adds a constant margin onto our costs, you’re getting low, fair rates on every transaction you process.  No more worrying “is this card qualified?”  With Dharma, all transactions are priced fairly!  See the below table for a rate breakdown on a sample $100 transaction:

Card Type Interchange Card Brand Fees Merchant Fees   Final Rate Total Fees  
Paid to your
customer's bank
Paid to
Paid to Dharma Total rate you pay For $100 
Visa Reg. Debit 0.05% + $0.22 0.11% + $0.02 0.35% + $0.15 0.51% + $0.39 $0.90
Visa CPS Retail 1.51% + $0.10 0.11% + $0.02 0.35% + $0.15 1.97% + $0.27 $2.24
Visa Rewards  1.61% + $0.10 0.11% + $0.02 0.35% + $0.15 2.07% + $0.27 $2.34
MasterCard World 2.05% + $0.10 0.12% + $0.02 0.35% + $0.15 2.52% + $0.27 $2.79
American Express Click here to see American Express rates!
Total (Average)       1.77% + $0.30 $2.07

Expand your ability to accept credit cards

We work with multiple payment gateway providers, allowing you the tools you need to make your web-store run smoothly. If you already have a gateway, just ask us about compatibility, as we can work with most gateways! Scroll down to learn more about our preferred gateway,

Receive complete, prompt funding

You’ll see gross sale amounts deposited into your bank account 2 business days after the transaction takes place. Our fees are removed monthly as one lump sum, which makes monthly accounting a very easy task.  If desired, we can also accomodate daily fee discount. We also offer American Express OptBlue, a unique program that enables you to get funded for American Express transactions with your Visa/MC transactions, in the same 2 business days, with no separate statements.

Work with a values-based partner

You’ll always receive Dharma’s 5-star level of service.  Dharma also donates 50% of our net profits directly back to the non-profit community, and  as a certified Benefit Corporation, we operate with a triple-bottom-line. You can feel good about partnering with a company that shares your values - this is payment processing the way it should be! Features

Dharma is proud to offer the Gateway due to their extensive feature list and low pricing! is well-known as the most trusted gateway solution on the market. See the features below! You can also learn about the general functions of a gateway by clicking here . Please note that we have special non-profit pricing on our gateways for our non-profit clients, so be sure to click here to see the lower fees! 

Monthly Cost $20
Setup Fee - Free swiper for Card-present merchants! $99
Per-Transaction Fee $0.05
Virtual Terminal                             
QuickBooks Sync                             
Recurring Billing
Customer Information Manager
"Buy it Now" Button
Open API for Shopping Carts
Allows for Smartphone Keyed-Transactions
Allows for Smartphone Swiped-Transactions
Advanced Fraud Protection



Other fees due to late processing, insufficient funds in your checking account or chargebacks may apply. Batches are considered transactions. PCI Non-compliance fees may apply if merchant does not complete compliance program. Account closure fee of $25 will apply regardless of closure timing to cover on-file fees. Visa FANF will apply based on volume processed, and is passed through at cost.  Program rates and fees are current as of April 1, 2013 and are subject to change with industry changes. 


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  • Better Business Bureau
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