MX Gateway

MX Gateway is an incredibly robust gateway solution. Built from the ground up to meet merchants' technological demands, MX provides feature sets that are unheard of amongst other gateway providers. With the MX Gateway, your organization will be empowered to accept payments like never before. See below for a listing of the MX Gateway's features: 

  • Link-To-Pay Buttons: It's easy to create customized Payment and Donation buttons for your website. With this solution, there's no need for an additional shopping cart.

  • Virtual Terminal: Get access to a Virtual Terminal, so that you can accept phone/mail orders anywhere you have a live internet connection.

  • Recurring Billing: Start billing your customers/donors automatically, so that you can "set it and forget it." Paired with the built-in Customer Database, MX Gateway is the full package.

  • Invoicing: With the MX Gateway, you'll be able to send custom email invoices to your clients, so that you can get paid quickly.

  • Inventory Manager: With MX, you can manage all of your store's inventory in an easy online environment. No more reconciling inventory reports with your sales - with MX, everything is built-in.

  • Process in Multiple Ways: MX allows you to swipe transactions through your smartphone, take a virtual terminal payment, or accept online orders. One account does everything you need!

Still not sure if this is the right solution for you? Check out our Gateway Comparison Chart to determine the best solution for your organization!


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  • Better Business Bureau
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