Comparison with PayPal

Many merchants are familiar with PayPal. Typically, for merchants accepting less than $5,000/month in credit cards, PayPal offers an easy way to accept credit cards online, and may be the perfect solution for certain merchants. Paypal's service allows you to create an online account along with an easy method of capturing sales on your website. Paypal's method of processing can also provide drawbacks that may not be acceptable for many different organizations. Below we'll discuss what types of merchants are best suited for Paypal, followed by merchants who are best suited for Dharma:

Merchants Better Suited for Paypal

  • Start-Up, Online-only Merchants: PayPal is typically best suited for merchants who do not need to physically swipe credit cards. New businesses are attracted to the simple pricing model.

  • Merchants with Limited Support Needs: PayPal offers a broad, "One-size-fits-all" solution. That can be perfect for small merchants with limited needs, but may not be great if you have questions or service needs.

  • Low-Volume Merchants: Since PayPal has no monthly fees, merchants who process sporadically may benefit. Don't count on getting paid quickly, though - PayPal can take up to 30 days to fund your account.

  • New Merchants: Since Paypal has no monthly fees, (if you don't use a Virtual Terminal) PayPal can be a great way to "get your feet wet" with payment processing.

Merchants Better Suited for Dharma

  • Established Online Merchants: As an online business, you're likely aware of shopping cart abandonment, an issue where consumers get all the way to the checkout page with items in their cart, but then leave at the last moment. This often happens when consumers realize they'll have to utilize PayPal.
  • Merchants with High Volume: Many merchants are drawn to PayPal for the simplicity in their pricing. While simplicity is great, it comes at a cost.

  • Retail Merchants: PayPal is great for low-volume, online business. But they don't offer extensive support or hardware options for the true retail merchant.

  • Merchants with Advanced Needs: If you need to process recurring payments, store your customer's data, or maintain inventory levels, then PayPal will not have all the tools you need.

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