Comparison with Network for Good

Many non-profits are familiar with Network for Good. Network for Good offers a one-time event option to accept payments for an event or fundraiser, just like Dharma! Although Network for Good offers a similar solution, their processing fees are significantly higher than Dharma's. Dharma has partnered with 4aGoodCause to offer discounted event packages. Below we'll outline both plans side-by-side, so that you can make the right choice for your organization:

Network for Good
What's Included? One-time-event Pages, Unlimited Custom Donation pages, full training, in-person processing and a full suite of credit card services. One-time-event pages, with training and setup. No permanent donation page. No additional credit card processing services.
Can I create unlimited event pages?
Can I accept in-person transactions?
Will our name show on donor statements?
Can I accept phone-order transactions?
Can I setup recurring donations?  
How fast do we get paid? Every 2 business days Once per month
What kind of Support is there? Initial training, phone support, plus 24 hour emergency help! Initial training, Email support and FAQ section
What are the processing fees? Interchange-Plus  at 0.30% and $0.50/transaction 5.50% + $0.99/transaction
Estimated Fees for $20,000 in fundraising $897 $1,496
What is the Setup Fee? $99 None
What are the base monthly fees? $59.99 $69.99
Is a Custom Donation Page included?



Fee Estimator

Trying to get an idea of how much you should expect to pay for your fundraiser?  Here's a handy estimator that you can use to compare our services! Click on each underlined fee to get a breakdown.

  Dharma's Estimated Fees Network For Good's Estimated Fees
$10,000 in expected Donations



$20,000 in expected Donations



$40,000 in expected Donations



$100,000 in expected Donations




Get low rates, amazing service, and a partner who shares your values.


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