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Interpretation. A few years ago, I was walking with a friend along an oceanside path at Point Reyes National Seashore when we came across a couple coming from the other direction. As we passed them and said hello, we heard a sound which prompted the man to comment on how anyone could be discharging a shotgun …

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More Lawsuits

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More Lawsuits In the “sue me, sue you” department, there has been a lot of activity recently, which we’ll highlight: First, back in 2014 the Card Associations, specifically Visa and MasterCard, lost a class action lawsuit over the violation of law in setting Interchange fees. They settled for $7.2 billion … though no payout was …

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Small Business Services

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small business services

Small Business Services. Dharma is pleased to announce two new additions to our small business services. We’ve recently partnered with Flok for digital loyalty. Retail/restaurant merchants can now ditch punch-cards and engage with your customer base like never before. Send your customers automated notifications/deals, track customer engagement, and even communicate with your customers in real-time. And Dharma …

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Support Tip for June – Please Read Your Welcome Packet!

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Please read your Welcome Packet! In the “we told you so” department, Dharma always sends out a welcome email to our new merchants containing critical, relevant, important, essential, valuable, and helpful information on the use and care of your new merchant account. Things like where to find customer support phone numbers, and how to log …

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Merchant of the Month – B the Change Media

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Merchant of the Month – B the Change Media This month’s merchant is brand new to us at Dharma, and we’re so happy to be supporting this endeavor. B the Change Media is the new media venture inspired by the B Corp movement and dedicated to telling the stories of people doing good in the …

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Hope. “Hope is a waking dream.” This quote is from the third century BC Greek philosopher, Aristotle, who was also a student of Plato. This remarkable man lived at a time when exploration of the inner and outer world flourished – biology, metaphysics, logic, poetry, linguistics, politics, theatre, and on and on. Our world has …

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Flying and Laughing

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Flying and Laughing. Every quarter, our Dharma team has an outing to challenge ourselves in some way or another. We went out on a whale watching cruise at the end of last year, then we went bowling together. And recently we opted for an indoor skydiving experience ­– you know, a wind tunnel that simulates …

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Fraud Isn’t New

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Fraud Isn’t New. Especially card payment fraud, which amounted to nearly $16 billion in losses according to the latest year’s stats, but remarkably, only added up to 1% of all card sales. Of course, cardholders are shielded from liability for the most part, so card issuing banks bore 62% of losses with merchants taking 38%. …

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Merchant of the Month – McClain’s Printmaking Supplies

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McClain’s Printmaking Supplies. McClain’s Printmaking Supplies is dedicated to the Art and Artists of Relief Printmaking, and they have a wonderful history. Art Historian Bob McClain and his wife, Dr. Yoko McClain, collected original prints during their visits to Japan. They would bring both prints and art supplies back to enjoy themselves and to sell …

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