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Funding Times

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funding times calendar

Funding Times: How quickly will I receive my funds? – For this month’s support tip, we’ll discuss a hot topic: Funding times. Everyone always wants to know, “Where’s my money?” and we want to make sure you fully understand how the funding process works. Most Dharma merchants are paid every two business days. This means that …

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Social Change and Business

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Social Change and Business … Wearing your heart on your sleeve – this is a great expression that possibly originated in medieval times when jousting knights wore the colors representing the women they were defending, in the form of ribbons or handkerchiefs tied to their arms. The saying refers to when we openly show our emotions. Recently, …

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EMV and Shifting Liability

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EMV chip card terminal

EMV and Shifting Liability from Issuer to Merchant – As a merchant who accepts credit cards in a card present (bricks-and-mortar) environment, no doubt you have seen or heard this acronym for Europay, MasterCard and Visa, which is coming soon. This payment acceptance method is the prevailing one currently used in Europe, which reads a computer chip …

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As a B Corp, Are Your Vendors Green?

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green business network logo

As a B Corp, Are Your Vendors Green? – Dharma Merchant Services is in the process of recertifying as a B Corp for the third time since our original 2009 certification. The process is even more daunting to pass these days due to their updated assessment, which is why there are only about 1000 B Corps …

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Dharma Launches New Website

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Dharma staff

Dharma Launches New Website – After many months of conversation, consultations, coding, and copywriting, we have finally launched our new website. I think that websites should always be evolving to best define and reflect the most important qualities and intentions of a company. We chose to work with a like-minded and sustainable web design and …

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Merchant of the Month – A Wild Soapbar

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A Wild Soapbar

A Wild Soap Bar – You may not know it but Dharma is a Green America Gold-Certified green company and a family owned business, just like this month’s merchant of the month, A Wild Soap Bar. Since 1995, Maggie, Jory and Mike Hanus have been providing truly non-toxic, organic natural soaps and body care products …

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Protect Your E-Commerce Biz from Fraud

Posted in Industry News.

Data Breach graphic

To protect your e-commerce business from fraudulent activity, set your fraud filters in Authorize.Net. If you’re taking credit card payments through a website, it’s very important that you regularly monitor your sales for potential fraud. Fraudsters are smart and their habits are ever-changing, so it’s always a good idea to review your day’s sales to …

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Gravity Payments Does the Right Thing

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Dan Price

Referencing the recent New York Times article, I wish to commend Dan Price of Gravity Payments for his remarkable decision to offer a more sustainable salary to his employees – we see this as a rare gesture given the credit card processing’s reputation for principally maximizing shareholder profits above all else. Anytime an industry player …

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